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  iVip: integrated Vision, intelligent perception.

  • Smart Camera Architectures for Depth Perception Applications with binocular cameras or depth sensors.  

    • Heterogeneous Hardware Accelerators on CPU/GPU/FPGA for Streaming Data Processing


  • Heterogeneous Integration of Electronic-Eyes for contact-lens electronic eyes

    • Integrated Circuits and Architectures of Smart Image Sensor Chips for Energy-Efficient Perception and Cognition of Human Visual System

    • Efficient Energy-Harvesting Circuits

    • Heterogeneous Integrations and Packaging for Sensing and Processing Units, etc.


  • X Computing Architectures for energy-efficient integrated image signal processing and machine learning systems with novel devices, circuit topologies and methodologies

    • Reconfigurable Computing

    • Approximate Computing

    • Physical Computing

  Open Source Projects:



  Past Projects:

  • LCVCodec:Low Complexity and Low Power Video Coding with CS, DVC and Blind Signal Seperation.
  • MCVP: High-Performance Video Processing with Multi-cores.
  • MemOpti: High-Performance and Low-Power Storage Methods of Massive Data for Integrated Digital Video Systems
  • LPC 2: Circuit-Level Low-Power Design for On-Chip Clock Tree at 65nm/45nm Technology Nodes with PVT-Aware Features.
  • LPC 1: Circuit-Level Low-Power Techniques for SOC Design, including low power conditional pre-charge DFFs, low-swing interconnects, etc.

  Academic Services:

  • Membership IEEE / IEICE / ACM

  • IEEE CAS Society, VSPC TC Member

  • CCF, Committee Member of The Commission on Youth Scientists

  • ISCAS 2015 RCM and Session Chair



  iVip Members
  • Xinghua Yang(杨兴华) ,Ph. D. Candidate
  • Liang Zhang (张亮),Master Student
  • Yi Li (李义) ,Master Student
  • Pengxu Chen(陈鹏旭), Master Student
  • Jiawang Miao(苗佳旺),Master Student
  • Yuanchang Chen(陈源畅),Master Student

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