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(2010/08/09) Dr. Qiang Liu from Imperial College Custom Computing Research Group visited our lab

(2010/07/29) Prof. Hao Yu from NTU visited our lab.

(2010/07/19) Dr. Zhonghai Lu from KTH visited our lab.

(2010/06/29) Prof. Jiang Xu from HKUST visited our lab.

(2010/02) Two new projects on Brain Network computing and Video computing lauched in 2010, supported by MSRA and MHI respectively.

(2010/01) Two papers nominated as Best Paper Candidate in ASPDAC 2010.

(2009/11) Best Paper Nomination in CODES 2009.

(2009/10/31) We got the first prize of AMD GPU competition, China, 2009.

(2009/08/19) Best Paper Nomination in ISLPED 2009, 7 of 72.

(2009/03/20) Dr. Wenzhuo Liu from AMD China visited Tsinghua, hosted by E.E. Dept.

(2008/11/11) Co-PI proposal is granted by TNLIST (Tsinghua National Laboratory for Information Science and Technology)

(2008/10/26) Visting HKUST, hosted by Prof. Jiang XU

(2008/09/05) My proposal is accepted by NSF China

(2008/06/25) Prof. Chris H Kim from MNU visited our lab

(2008/05/19) Prof. David Blaauw from U. Mich. visited our lab

(2008/04/28) Prof. Jiang Xu from HKUST visited our lab

(2008/04/17) Dr. Feng-Hsiung Hsu from MSRA visited our lab

(2007/12) Invited talk for the Memorial of "Try to work for the country healthily for 50 years"--John Ma

(2007/10) My Website opens

(2007/07) Get Married

(2007/07) Graduate with honor

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